Bryan Couchman’s work is very inspirational and he got just nice pieces there. He has awesome color useage and wicked typography. I put his link of the various logos, but you should check all of his projects.

Ryan Feerer’s Portfolio is some really good stuff. These logos have a special style what makes their shape unique. Nice work Ryan! My favourite project is the Betty & June identity  you guys should check it out.

Here’s my new set! Free download. Exclusive quality tileable vintage textures. Apologise.

Here you can buy the full set in layered PSD textures with color and texture customization. You’ll be able to play with the layers and combine them. Easy color change and easy to use texture structure. Seamless and tileable system.

My recent project “The European Harley-Davidson Museum” has featured on! Proudly will publish the recent pieces of the project soon!

I’ve found a really cool company callad Fuzzco. They’re doing amazing stuff what is not exactly vintage but still some kind of retro. They mostly have branding projects what I really love and all the works are super unique. Have a look!

I made a logo for a vintage shoe store. This a coming soon project as well, I’ll make a corporate identity and packaging for them. I used 3 typefaces in the logo and tried to make a unique special look. Coming soon…


The Instant Heirloom Supply Co. Logo

from Andy Mangold. Minimalism, but on the way that you’ve never thought. I’m featuring this young guy because when I browse through the logos and the projects they’re make me feel a kind of style that really inspires my work. Unique and perfect ratios all over his work.